Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hutan Lipur (near Kuala Pilah) spontaneous trip

The keyword here is spontaneous. Haha.

So for psychiatry we have 2 trips to Kuala Pilah, both on Wednesdays. So after lunch the second week, Becky decided to head into the woods (literally) for a spontaneous trip to the Hutan Lipur (which I have no idea is what name)

I shall blog with the few scarce pictures I took :P

Jakuns :P
Proof of the jungle environment, with the curvy turvy trees branches etc. 
Oh of course, and my awesome buddies :D 

Outside the snake's glass "cage"
There was also a Taman Ular Sawah (Snake farm), with quite many huge snakes on display.

Beautiful Rebecca "Rendaming kaki"
Since we were there, we decided to go dip our legs in the pool which we saw,
where others did the same earlier. Expected the water to be hot,
but it was surprisingly an icy cold :P

Yours truly "getting close to mother nature"
with the two big men towering behind spoiling my pic:P 
Since they wear shoes n socks, they decided it'll be too tiresome
 for them to take our their shoes, wear them back again...

Not so clear and icy cold water :D

One for memories' sake
Someone looking smart in his formal shirt n tie . . . :)
The one who never fails to encourage me to WALK and excercise . . . :P

This was a random 1/2 hour + trip which saw us walking into the jungle in the middle of the day (1pm+), seeing snakes and dipping our feet into nice cold flowing water :) Entry was free, just like your average park. I vote that we should have more trips before we get old and our bones start to ache and creak ( wait, I think they already do at times . . . :/ )

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