Monday, September 26, 2011


Wedding seems to be the theme of September. No surprise naturally, since its the "eighth month" in the Lunar Calender, which is deemed to be an auspicious month for stuff like these.

So yes, a cousin decided to get married this month too. Pictures chosen below are courtesy of my brother who always carries his camera around:)

 Pretty "door gift" with 2 cadbury sweets inside.

 3rd generations.
A pic of the cousins who attended with my grandma. the (mostly) older cousins who din't attend are everywhere. studying, working..
(Notice that most of them are male?)

(Near) complete family photo
 After the tea ceremony. Pic of the bride and groom, and the youngest to the oldest of relatives from my paternal side who gathered for this age-old ceremony..

My pretty cousin sis and me.
We were joking that while the unmarried "kids" went up to receive "ang pows", we were included albeit sheepishly and half-embarassed...
(big kids mar)

My grandma :)
I always remember fond memories of my childhood while thinking of her, including going out with grandpa at that time to eat "wan tan noodles", her making glue out of starch for me during primary school and more...

It was a good time where the relatives (and cousins) got to mingle and eat and eat talk. haha. I guess the inevitable question for me (well you gotta expect it, knowing you're in that culture and age) was asked TWICE(at least) by 2 different aunts:

"When's your turn???"

 -________-" to which I'll reply long, long time more, no where near in sight....