Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As you can see, I'm pretty excited. Doubt anyone reads my blog now, but hey if you're there, gimme a shoutout! :D would love to know who is still here :D

Anyway a couple of stuff:
1.Template is new! Had oodles of fun choosing different backgrounds, colours etc. Hee. Just like a little girl :/ Do gimme some constructive criticism tho. Picture on top self taken, no copyrights issues. :) I may be really colour blind sometimes, so please tell me which 1's don't fit and which colour etc is better! :D

2. Links. I din't realise my links (cause I had a couple of tabs) were cancelled. for good? noooo. :'( So if you're there, PLEASE gimme a heads up with your link, either in the chatbox or leave a comment. Will link you back, if you're my friend! Promise! :D

Here's to new beginnings! *Throws confetti to self since no one is here*. (ahh. so depressing thought :( )

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