Saturday, January 17, 2009



I HATE injustices. I really do. Whether it’s a big or small matter, the thing I really hate about this fallen world is the part where people take advantage of each other, or just place their welfare above others in a way that it compromises the welfare of others

And this week was one such week. Being robbed of my stuff...and a thing that has been occurring since my form 4. my aunt who fetches me home (she has an unofficial load of people whom she collects payment from, including me.) rather fetch people far away home first rather that her nice simply because its more convenient for her (she stays 2 houses away from me). Its not fair. IT REALLY SUCKS.

It happened to both my brothers as well. My bro reached home at 2, while his school ended at 12.50. SUCKS big time. if not that I need to watch my words, I would have cursed a string of profanities. and even that would not have appeased my anger. RELATIVES,supposedly. If they really care they should put the child's welfare before them. Lunch at 2!!!!

I hate the unfairness in the world. I really do. But if it were really that fair, this world won't be called the selfish and self centered world that we do.

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