Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post 3 months Hiatus

WOW! 3 months (nearly 4) since my last post. No wonder Benedict says my blog is well and truly "Dead".

What have I been up to? Since July, much has happened - the all famous EOS 9, which by God's grace everyone made it through, went to Mongolia (I should really blog about this one), came to Batu Pahat, finished the "worst" posting surgery/orthopaedics and now am nearly at the end of Paediatrics (which is chill and cool :P )

I recall the many times I wanted to blog and never made it. The key word? Procrastination, which is a bug that bit me hard. Sigh. But apart from that, Batu Pahat has been really really busy, portfolios and all.

Update soon! :) (I hope)

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