Sunday, January 27, 2013

Origins Mini- Makeover

In December, one of the little things I won was the Origins mini makeover, for the 50th person of that every day of December. Told them to hold on to mine till I was back in KL since I was based in Batu Pahat at that time.

I finally redeemed it at Origins Pavilion, in Metrojaya. Its actually a comfy place, although in the open (no privacy?) 

I seriously can't remember the name of the consultant who attended to me that day (its this lady in the right corner of the picture). All I can remember of that experience was that she was very professional, knowledgeable about Origins products, and made my experience a great one. :)

The set that she used for me. Including cleanser, toner, mask etc. What I was really impressed with was the eye serum (not sure of the name), which really made my dark-eye-ringed and tired and eyes look much better instantly. Blame the late nights and fried foods :P

Part of the set, supposedly for oily skin. I found out that mine was combo skin, which is a mix of oily (in the T -zone) and normal skin elsewhere. Oh, and sensitive too, may I add. Which was why I was really happy that none, and I repeat, NONE of the products caused my face to have an unwanted allergic reaction.

The tall chairs next to the counter, where one can be treated like a queen :D

This was the promo they were having- JOY (31 days of Christmas) or something like that. Seriously, the whole thing looks so happy! :D

The Gift set that cost over RM200. Kinda outta my budget, but it was pretty good. :)

How I looked after the makeover- I felt that my face was literally "glowing"! :) I really loved the experience, and felt really pampered. Really wish it was multiple sessions! (no editing done to any of the pictures!)

A good place to visit. By the way, did you know that Origins is actually a sister company( same company) as  Estee Lauder? That was news to me :)

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