Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wicked...was the trip to Marina Bay Sands

I've been meaning to post, but as usual procrastination got the better of me. I MUST improve! Exam in 7 weeks and I've not started properly... :/

This is a post that is long due... :) This was back in April...Of my trip to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and the lovely Musical , Wicked, thanks to a contest from MSN Malaysia. I actually deliberated for very long before finally deciding to go...And that also involved me finding a good travel partner in the form of my housemate!

The view of marina bay sands, Singapore from outside. Shaped like a ship, lovely, right?
We stayed in one of the towers with a lovely sea view. Ah, what good memories :)

 The view outside Marina bays, of the spiral bridge. Must come at night too, photo enthusiasts will find the scene amazing. :)

 I went with my housemate, Becks. And being the geeky med students that we were, she went "Oh! Look! AED!". Marina Bay Sands is full of it at every nook and corner... Which is amazing by my standards. Its really expensive ok!

The seats that we were allocated were the A reserve seats with fixed seating. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better seats!

Becks and I with the tickets :D Becks was a good tour guide, and I was glad I could share the tickets with her, especially when I found out that she wanted to watch Wicked for like, 5 years already!?!

The awesome stage. Technically, pictures were allowed :P The beautiful stae with the moving dragon on the top! (Pulled by strings and the eyes lighted up red even!) The amazing band was playing from below the stage.... The characters were lively, and the props were just fantastic. There was a REAL bridge, a real prom, and much much more...

 Part of the amazing design from the side. The pictures really don't do the show justice.
All in all the broadway musical was FANTASTIC. The acting was amazing, the high notes were well taken, and the music was pitch perfect. Definitely don't regret going :D I now understand the hype of it... :)

The main character, Elphaba. The cast in Singapore was different, but good, nonetheless. You know, I can never view the "Wicked witch of the west" the same way anymore after seeing this. Call me biased...but when I watched The Wizard of Oz in KLPac, it was definitely nothing compared to this.

Night scene of the bridge outside Marina Bays. We walked around for a bit, and I was a little sad that Harry Potter Exhibition wasn't then. Honestly, I want and need a new camera, the one that I has doesn't take good pictures most of the time unless in good light. Lol. Any sponsors? :P

Final picture of the day, Marina Bay Sand's at night. I won't bore you with details of the 5 hour long journey down and 8-9 hour long bus journey back to KL (It was a nightmare),but it was a lovely trip that I would remember for a very long time. :)

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