Monday, October 15, 2007

20 days away

Finals are 20 days away. And I'm still here blogging. What irony. Truth to be told, I lack the discipline and diligence. Arrrghh!

But yeah, realized how much my parents love me...Through a Mac-D's fillet O fish. I absolutely love that bun, and I've not been eating well these few days...kinda lost my appetite. My parents went out, bought me a bun "coz I'm not really eating" despite knowing its expensive. The word Love- it melts my heart. =)

If the world had to end today, I want you, my reader, to know that God loves you, your parents do, and I do too. =) Like my good friend Rachel,using my "quote" said : we all splash colours in each others life...the difference is the amount. I hope I did to yours too. =)

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