Saturday, October 27, 2007


Somewhere,somehow,somewhat,sometime....I ended up at Taylor's in 07. Unwillingly. Expensive man! But you know, now that college life is up, I find myself leaving Taylor's,equally unwilling. The awesome year I had with G7,Campus City, PG, TCF, the rest of the tons of friends I made...All these makes my life worth it.

You know,its like a big jigsaw puzzle. We try piece things together, but somehow it just doen't work out coz we can't see the future. But when we look back,we see a hand at work,the pieces fitting together...I honestly did not expect much this year, and never thought that any experience could surpass my experience at high school...but Someone just has a way of proving me wrong. All that happened surpassed what I thought or could ever think of.

Starting with PG. Sabrina, you are an awesome frined and sister. Just as much as I blessed you, you have been a constant encouragement and inspiration, a blessing in my life. Yeah, we ll have our blur and sesat times. But I believe it will all work out for good. All things happen for a reason, you know. Yi Wen, future politican, Wonder Woman, continue to strive in your ability and reach for the stars! You and I know that blogging restricts it...=p Alvin, the world is very big outside, don't limit yourself, you CAN do it! Sarah, its been awesome having you every alternate mornings...sharing openly, caring...its not something that everyone can do. Oh yeah, wear skirt more often =p You looked nice in that light blue skirt okayz? Stephanie, continue to trust in Him who moves the mountains and calls you His beloved daughter...He WILL see you through it all. Its not just feelings, its faith. Its fact. The rest that I did not mention...I'm sorry for missing you out. Will repost later on. =)

Campus city. Boy Sumi, I really really miss you. You made me feel like family. I still do. I belong. Ellie, I know its not easy being in your shoes. But as God has gifted you in all that you have, continue serving and blessing people. Truly, we count people because people count! Benji, cannot tahan you la! High five pun the hand go to your hair! Something wrong with me izit? Thats probably the reason why I DON'T wanna adopt a my mony buying KFC. =p Jason Khong, your passion is amazing. But yeah, God help you. Your jokes are just soooo lame! Lucas (Chong), tahank you for treating me like your little sister, and with your naughty antiques... call me "prophesesing"(Don't think I spelt it right)...drawing my balloon and all. I've been blessed so much by you. And your faith and the way you live your life just is a tesimony to the people and myself. Calvin,whoa this guy is a bomb okay? Thanks for being xtra sensitive and just giving your time caring...helping me with my English assignment(last time), and the many times we chat over msn in which you really really encouraged me and motivated me to go further. Elizabeth, I've been truly blessed by a (sometimes bit blur) but smart and beautiful sister...thank you for all the encouragement, notes, the crazy times we laughed and prayed, not forgetting the funny "fuyoh" shouting got guts man! And not to mention a terror sangat voice! XD Charlene,thank you for being a big sister, really really appreciate you, the advice, prayers, hi's and bye's in college....sorry at times I know I'm not the best but you still understand...God has plans for you that no one can stop. No matter where you go and what you do, God will bless you and cause the fruit of your hands to multiply.

Anywayz, there are too many people to post on, will do that after my finals. A it it,I should study yeah after finals the whole loooong list of pple will come out. Just as you have made an impact in my life, I believe I did the same for you as well. Thank you for just being "you", that itself made my life different, the colours just fused together and became amazingly beautiful... =)

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