Thursday, November 15, 2007

G7 Guys 07

Introducing the 6 guys of G7 07, who managed to tolerate the rest of the 24-6 girls in the class.Sometimes, people say "well if you cant beat them, join them." Maybe thats what they did ^^

First up,Wei Jin.( Dr Zul's all time favourite) Lecturer talk , he also talks; later questions banyak banyak... =p But yeah he is a super hardworking and smart fella, examz are like eating pies to him, "sup sup water".. But when it comes to group work ,hehe... S-t-o-n-e. Never mind, its ok. Well this year has been cool with him around.
Next up, Mr Ng( Dr Zul's all time favourite as well.) Tall, gigantic, always have to on Lcd projector.* winks. Yeah, could not have done without this guy in class. 3rd earlist to come, approximately 7.20 each morning by KTM, and have to be "tortured" by my never ending music this year. A kind heart is evident. Always my sitting partner. =) Morning morning scold me bising. What la you. *winks. Will be remembered by the "teacher teacher..."
Chuah(Chin Bin) and Chow Jiun. MAN, you both are... are...toot! I tell you, G7 get polluted coz both of you, with your 7-11 never ending stream of profanities...Whoever is the sifu I'm not sure, but both of you surely did a great job of getting g7's purity rate plunging down...phewwwww...
Chuah is a smarty ass from Ipoh, hardworking no doubt, will be remembered by "what the..."
Chow Jiun is super laid back, the passion for music never dying, jay chow Gonnabe as well... ^^ Remember him by the cool voice he has and the way he struts into class each morning...
Pic above: Chin Bin Chuah. Below: Chow Jiun

On the utmost left of the pic below...Ultimate Tyra Banks wannabe, fabulicious gossip king, camwhore master, ultimate designer( official designer of coroboree stuffs okayz?) , poser king...what else, o0ps I mean who else...none other than XX- Yeoh Xia Xun! Always gets the class into supreme laughter and fun when he's around, twirls the pencil and out comes the marvelous masterpieces, and computers are like, his ultimate tool to any super duper awesome designs! Woohoo and he's a very down to earth guy too...Gonna miss the times we sat together and designed everything from dresses to dream houses and talked bout cars! Maths projects, garbage and cars n all...XX you made G7 the way it is lar....see how people camwhore nowadays? *naughty wink
Last but not least,Navin Peow Pin Naidu. Football fanatic, dunno how many times injured himself... Super thoughtful and deep fella, Always study last minute But still perform much better than many of the rest of us... And this guy has super duper good english, dun play play...Will remember him as he is^^ Oh yeah Navin, remember the "rock table" you asked for wisdom from in c21? Its still there. Hehe

One blog post will never be enough to describe the memories you guys left in my heart, the times we shared and cared in 2007. No matter what path ahead you choose, I wish you all all the best. And hey, don't forget me, coz I know I won't forget you. My college life was brightened because of all of you. Thank you for crossing my path, I believe if fate is so, we'll meet again someday. =)

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