Thursday, November 22, 2007


My first prom ...over! Last night! Waiting for all my frenz photos to be posted up before I write phone camera is useless in the dark...ouch! But thank God for a camera la. So,Bee Chyi,Sabrina, Carmen,Kah men,Sher Lin,Carynn,Melissa Jane,Wendy and more...faster faster post photos ler!

Prom was awesome,although during dance its like...stone...dunno what to do with the music...simply moving...the whole time was a mixture of slow moving,"waltzing"(a little),and other movements that look really geeky(some) and funny =) And oh,the food totally is first class...FROM THE LAST. Fried rice(the simplest of all dishes) did not even have enough salt,and the green beans were hard...what la pay so much for food the food stinks...remind me NEVER to hold a function involving food at sunway resort hotel and spa,though the place is reasonable.

Lazy to blog la....much is in my heart but words to describe aren't flowing. Probably cause I don't have to study till next ear,so my brain is taking a vacation. =) Later then,dudes. =)

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Yi Wen said...

i want to see ur dress...properly...
post them plsssssssssssssssss...=)