Saturday, November 17, 2007

Women:More talkative than men?

Do you actually think women(girls) speak more than men? I know you think so.

US researchers tracked the conversational habits of almost 400 US and Mexican students in real time. The team measured a sample of the daily chit-chat of six groups of students who recorded their every word for periods that ranged from two to 10 days.

The participants wore electronically activated portable recorders that recorded the audio in an unobtrusive fashion. The researchers analysed the audio and calculated how many words each participant spoke in total in a 17-hour period.

They discovered that both sexes run their mouths at a remarkably similar rate over the course of a day, even if they tend to talk about different subjects.

The results showed that while the women got through an average of 16,215 words, the men were not far behind with a daily average of 15,669.

Which means, that both men and women speak on average 16,000 words per day! There is almost no difference between them!

So guys,stop complaining.You're just as bad. =D

Don't believe me? Fine,I'll give an example. =p

*joke* on women speak twice as many words than men.
Husband: Dear..Research showed that women actually talk more than men, as much as double the amount of men! You girls are so talkative...

Wife: (get annoyed by what her husband said) Darling. you know why women talk sooooooooooooo much or not... because most of the times we have to repeat whatver we said to the husband at least twice!

Husband: (being blur blur after a tired working day) Errrrr...dear, what...say again?

PS: By the way,this does NOT include blogging. =D Which means I can still do it till my heart's content. =D

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