Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Food Food Food!!!

Its all about food. The thing that I (kinda) live for =). Good food makes me happy. =)

Went to berjaya Times Square,10th floor,foodcourt.Ambience is awesome,as can be seen from the photo below. Bu uurgh,the food is horrible. Horrible terrible vegetable. Totally. And the standard food price is RM5 and above. Plus there is not much variety. And the parking is super expensive. 1st hour RM2.50, 2ndRM1.50 and so on,maximum is RM7...which we paid that day. Not worth it,I tell you. I know this isn't about food,but thought you ahould take note. Just in case.
Lat sunday,went to Johor with my parents. Morning go eat breakfast,Dim Sum! My favourite! Sorry can't name them all, I don;t even know the names myself, catagorize them by "the green 1" (containing century egg), bak kut teh (no its not halal), fishball, the "yellow 1's",as can be seen below.And these are my ultimate favourites. Pic aove and below: Contains crabstick. And meat. =)

The "yellow 1"

See,I told you,food makes me happy. =) See all the smiley faces. =)

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