Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ingredients for a strong family

Hehe,I know the audience who reads my blog,and this post title is like....wow.Found this when I was clearing my room(still clearing the piles hehe). But yeah, all of us long for lasting and fulfilling relationships that eventually leads to a happy-ever-after ending...right? I know I do. Yep...the trick is to STAY in the relationship,to STAY in the family.

But yeah,the 6 ingredients:
1.Appreciation and affection: Developing an Emotional Bond
- Deeply care for one another
- Not afraid to express their love
- Nurture positive emotional bonds with each other

2.Commitment - The Life of the Family is Dedicated to God
- Commitment describes a love that is steady and sure

3.Positive Communication:Smoothing Out The Bumps in Family Life
- sharing feelings
- giving compliments
- avoiding blame
- being able to compromise(give and take)
- Agreeing to disagree

4.Enjoyable time together
- Quality time in great quantity
- Delighting in each other's company
- Sharing good and fun times

5.Spiritual Well-Being
Spiritual well-being can be seen as the caring centre within each individual that promotes sharing,love and compassion.
- Membership in a religious or spiritual group provides a caring and supportive community
- Many strong families are involved in such an institution

6.Successful Management of Stress and Crisis
- Possess the ability to manage both daily stresses and difficult life crisis creatively and effectively
- Know how to prevent trouble before it happens and how to work together to meet challenges when they inevitably occur in life

This is not all,but its the gist of it. Its a 2 way thing,a relationship.You can't expect to only receive and not give,and vice versa. But yeah,leave some thoughts as comments or in the chatbox. Have a great day! =)

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