Friday, November 30, 2007

G7 memories + random photos

I miss G7 alot,miss the memories,miss the camwhoring,miss being part of them. G7 rocks to the max okay? Those of you not in G7,you dunno what you missed...

Mr Potato came one day, so the posers, me ,Jess,Kah Men decided to grab the opportunity...Hehe

My lab partner,Ei Leen,and the same table,partners,Jay Mee and Hor Yan=)

Hand game. Wei Jin is supposed to be the pro. I always lose as the 2nd runner up wan! Not fair!Hehe

Evonne,Jay Mee,me,Carynn,Wendy. Here lies the future doctors,pharmacists, rockstars, and beauty queens...

Human pyramid. You see the nutty side of G7? And Navin =)

The short moments of sisterhood. But you know,once a sister, always a sister. O0ps,I forgot,I just saw Wei Jin... =p

I know Grace got "cut out" a little,but that does not diminish the beauty radiated from all the hot gurls in the photo...Carynn,Jay Mee,Grace,Zhi Zhi,Evonne... =)

Memorable times,captured in eternity...

The final lab session,my "new" lab partner,Evonne... + Grace n Ei Leen in the picture... Haha =)

Physics lab,the constant great spot for a photo-snapshot time =) Ultimate camwhorers Xia Xun! Haha =)

I miss G7...I really do.But G7 left plenty of memories(apart from transforming me la...hehe) that I will cherish forevermore =)

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