Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Crazy 5

Presenting to you - The crazy 5 lecturers who braved the crazy G7 to educate them, to try fill our now-not-so-empty heads, to "prepare us for the future", only to be influenced themselves =)

First up, Ms Ting. English As Second Language lecturer. Competent, dedicated, a little "moody" sometimes, but is a teacher that G7 has grown to respect. Kudos to Ms ting, thank you for bearing with us and doing your best.
Mr Yap, the fantastic physics teacher who took over from Dr Zul when Dr Zul left for another Uni. Mr Yap is pleasant, down to earth, and knows the syllabus at the tip of his fingers...Which also explains why he just needs to come to class with 2 marker pens as his tools =) Terror man =)
Ms Lai, "stolen" from the school of biomedical sciences. Enjoyed her lessons, especially lab work. No wonder we managed to sit through 2 hours (last period of 2-3pm summore) every tuesday. =) And wonder how she manage to tahan wei jin's questions. hehe. Never complains but goes the extra mile for her students. Arigato Ms Lai, you will always be remembered by G7 students.

Mr Chong, the lecturer who changed to using slides to teach...maths! crazy, but it was more effective. Mr Chong, play your guitar more often, don't so shy! You got hidden talent man! Thank you for trying your very best in teaching us maths, we really really appreciate it. =)

Last, but not least,Ms Cheang, our effective mentor and bio lecturer. "Why so agitated? " Every one in G7 will SURELY remember this sentence one. *grins. Ms Cheang is effective, resourceful teacher who never is tired of taking a personal interest in the welfare of her fellow students. Many of us will remember the time we said "sorry teacher, can we talk to you later?" to come out feeling more relieved or less burdened,or at the very least, not so sesat. Thank you for "jaga-ing" us this whole year, for treating us as more than just your teach-in-class-only students. Your presence in G7 has really changed the class, irregardless of the quantity. For the better. We will remember you Ms Cheang, no fear. Our joy and honour to be your students of year 07.

The Journey 2007
We stepped into the class named G7
Shared, cared, tried, cried....
Along the way,we carried each other, picked one another up
Guided by the wisdom filled lecturers bestowed upon us
Such has been the life of January to November

A meeting will always come to an end
But the end, in life, is just another beginning
Somehow or another,we impacted each other's life
Even if it were just a little, we did not walk out the same
Cause fate caused it that we cross each others paths

Memories will always be cherished
Thanks in the heart never expressed enough
For words alone fail to express how I feel inside

All I can write though
Is none other than all the best
Wherever you journey ahead
Wherever the road may take you
Fate willing, we will meet again someday
But till then
God bless
All the very best
I love you all
My beloved lecturers and friends.

Penned on 15th November, 2007, 11.20pm

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