Friday, October 12, 2007

About me

This was in my friendster, "About me section". Planning to update it soon, so decided to keep it here as memory .=)

To those who DO care to read this, you may find yourself disappointed.Nevertheless,here are a few things about me:

0.I thank the person who created tissue paper.Because each time my tap(nose)runs,it means a mountain load of tissue...

1.I have more than 150 emoticons on my msn,and still counting.

2.I eat to live yet live to eat.

3.I love life,but not too much.

4.I complicate my life...sometimes.

5.I do,occasionally, bully some people... =p(you know who you are)

6.I love my family and friends...(duh who doesn't?)

7.I love lame jokes and sometimes become lame as well.Oh wait, I can still walk...

8.I love colours.Bright, Dark... serious! Life is a fusion of colours...what would life be without colours?

anything apart from that,ask me about anything you may be curious about.although I don't guarantee you an answer. =p

last but not least, smile when you began the day,smile when things don't come your way...smiling keeps your health up.not fact,an apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away.(nope,no doctor paid me to write this =p)

ok,thanks for "hearing" me out.I can write some more,but I think someone's eyes are already aching.wait...that would be mine! ;P (you must be thinking,gosh...the person who wrote this must have nothing better to do...but you're wrong. I'm not.) =)

time out!

Truly Life is counted not just by every breath that we take, but by the breath that we have left...
What are you doing in the meantime?I wish to be a blessing to the one's around me and more,hope to be an impact,that I can say at the end that my life is not wasted.I wana live life as if there is no tomorrow,coz if my time were to be up in the next few seconds,at least i did my best the way i knew how...Yes the world can go on without me,but I chose to make the world a better all that I do and say,splashing my colours as a sign that

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