Friday, August 27, 2010

Of Photo Frames and Not Knowing what to Pack

Of Photo Frames and Not Knowing what to Pack

Had a super relaxed-just-talk-walking-round with one of my besties. Eating at Food Garden, Gardens, then walking all around MV. And I really mean walking all over for hours. :) No "timing" to care about since we were't going to catch movies, no errands to run... It was some time since we actually did that (walk around the whole of MV). Remember our most unhealthy dinner of a drink +a piece of sushi each + 2 boxes of ice -cream mini poppers? :O

Before she left my home, I finally managed to give Sook her super-belated birthday gift cum token of remembrance to Leeds. I, in return , got my own photo frame, with a "secret msg" hidden under. Which I actually found out coz I look at the small details (there were wooden splinters which I wanted to remove)

The photo which had a "secret msg" written on the back
Apparently she wondered if I would find it years later...too bad plan foiled! :p

Super nice eh? Sook was always the creative one :) The "Joanne" was written on the back of scrabble loose tiles. Not bad since I love scrabble myself! :) I can only say I love the gift... and I'll miss you loads! Remember you're supposed to come sleepover at my "blue room"!  

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