Monday, August 30, 2010

Of "Early Christmas" and Cockroaches

Of "Early Christmas" and Cockroaches 

It was past midnite in the "pink party house" (As Sook calls it), and nobody's asleep as of yet. Everbody(nearly) was helping lala king to fix his mosquito netting in his room. Tedious work, and "Self sacrificing" (since the superglue trickled onto nearly everyone's fingers and it peels of...with the epidermis layer of the skin too!

In the background is some very very old Christian music, with Hawaiian flavour with the "soothing Christmas songs" feel. So yeah...Christmas came early.

On the side of the house I heard a "Scream". "Ahhhhhhhh!" It....was a baby cockroach. Sprayed it a few times as its feet pattered up and down the wardrobe, probably more scared of us then we of it....

Day 2 of moving into Seremban "new" house(coz its actually a super duper old house), with the new "Family". The feeling is still new, but I can't seem to put my finger on the adjective to use to describe how I feel.

Summary of today's first day at IMU Clinical school : talks and more talks, with a sombre / depressing mood on a whole.  To be honest, felt sorta "abandoned" and forlorn here. Meeting the seniors from IMU BJ somehow wasn't like "Waaaaaa, nice to meet u!!!" I mean, sure it was, but it was a more "Serious", like "hi you're here good luck!" kinda feeling, if you get me. The "youthfulness" and the enthusiasm in IMU BJ was to me, visibly lacking...

And I miss my family back in KL. Both my blood related, and my IMU family. Thanks for the few messages I got throughout the day. Know that I miss you guys...

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