Thursday, August 5, 2010

day 4...n still heartsick

Sigh. Its been a while since I've properly updated. But this time I couldn't bring myself to even blog bout it. Just sitting down, staring at the phone / post hoping someone returns it...

Been working weekends. Initially for fun la. (Now I don't quite feel it). During the last day of my 3 week work, I dropped my purse outside IOI mall (near the staff entrance) on the floor where cars zoom by. Sighs... It must have dropped coz I took out my purse to zip it, left it on my lap n when I got out of the car it dropped. Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh....the nightmare that follows.

I lost everything inside - down from my IC, Driver's licence, atmcard, student id (all these have to remake, all with costs over hundreds as well) ON TOP of my NEW MP3 which is barely a few months old worth RM200++.... AND my house keys (had to change to locks) plus my seremban wardrobe keys which means I can't use that 2 locked drawers (coz they're already locked). *sniff*

When I realised it was probably 2-3 minutes later...and when I rushed back it was gone. How many times I retraced my footsteps and checked the sides, it was well and truly gone. All in all that 2-3 minutes of carelessness cost me bout RM500++. It is, as my dad said, an expensive lesson. Esp that the mp3 was supposed to be my companion when I'm sad / lonely in Seremban.

Everyone asks me to be positive. It was super hard. Till now...Till the point I dreamt that it was returned to me, but when I wake up it was... but a dream. I did try to console myself at least it isn't 5000, but it was truly one mistake I never saw coming. Extremely grateful for pple like person2go2 (you know who u are) who drove all the way through the jam to pick me from my place to make a new ic and take me back again. Probably used up like 2-3 hours of his precious time. Thanks for just helping me out through this seriously difficult time. And for those who try consoling / encouraging me. For just listening /bearing with me.

I'm sorry if my temper has been on the edge...I noticed it too. And I'm not someone whose temper flares up, but when another is insensitive and speaks brashly, I seriously find that really hard to accept. I mean, who am I right? But sometimes silence is better than words that hurt..not that you realize it, do you?

Like a few pple Fifi and Chip reminded me, these things that I've lost are replaceable. In that sense I've got something to be grateful for. And even after that episode I still had to go back to work...(remember I was working)   One customer was telling me in life that we always are on the "rugi" (shorter end of the stick) side 'once in a while'...but at least it affects us when we still can take it, meaning it doesn't affect our lives so much (compared to if that say, RM200 meant life and death...or livelihood to one).

So if I seem upset, now you know why. Please don't ask me to recount the details anymore, its rather painful. ...Sometimes I just wish I had the option to turn back time.

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