Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Was supposed to go to "Carrefour" to "avoid feeding the mosquitoes" and to "get air-cond". End up not getting there (getting lost lah, summore dark at night) but ending up at "A n W" instead. Talking (more of listening) to random stuff but mostly on happenings such as human trafficking, syndicates that sell girls into prostitution and others into begging and more. And of how "Efficient" our country is in giving out PR statuses. Personal opinions shall not be revealed here, but suffice to say that our nation has much to learn, much to grow, much to improve on in many, many aspects.

Having said that, it would not be fair if I din't say I'm privileged to be in this nation, where the sun abounds (albeit too brightly and hot) and the harmony is still very much preserved here. Happy birthday Malaysia, may each year bring you much progress, especially in those aspects that we need to work on.

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