Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the Memories

The bits and pieces of the well deserved holidays with some pictures. Somehow I already miss these memories...

Coffeeshop talk
Watching football at a coffeeshop with the others (And guys too actually lol). It was the match of I think spain(?) vs Korea, where the Korea fella scored home goal. 

Mango Lassi :D officially one of my favourite drinks :D
Sandip finally took us to Kabul @ KL Sentral (inside Sooka's building) for north indian food. Super nice. From the naans to the dhal to the butter/ tandoori chicken etc. Anyone wants me to recommend I'll recommend this one. The price is really reasonable too. Everyone was so stuffed we din't bother doing anything else (like camwhoring :P )

I don't know how many times of Karaoke we went. My housemates are karaoke fans. :P Oh but yes we found out some stuff. Like how Sam(Red shirt) can rap and how Kel (black shirt funny expression) and Morgan sing Korean songs like "Gee" and others(think SNSD & Wonder girls ) XD And how EeWei has a good voice etc. :)

Sushi-ing with the ladies. 
@Sushi Zenmai , Gardens. from left - Cheryl, June , Parisha, with BOLD makeup, me, Sookie super well dressed :D and Zia. It was fun just sushing and talking. We talked/ laughed so loud that a waiter had to slightly embarrassedly ask us to tone down. We decided that it was time to leave :P 

Genting trip
Happy red victorious (belated) 21st babe! :) 
As I wrote in earlier posts, the Genting trip finally happened. It was also actually a surprise celebration for my bff Sookie's 21st. Which I'm happy to note, was a real surprise to her :D

The awesome birthday girl + delicious cake 
I went miles (literally :P), going from where we were to another different place bout 5-6 floors up in a completely different building to get the cake. Chocolate mud cake with the button like coffee on the sides and white chocolate toppings :) Everyone oohed and aahhhhed at the cake, exclaiming that it was REALLY good. Ah well, best cake shop in Genting, the Bakery. Found no where else :D

This is how a holiday should be like...relaxing!
Haha could pass off as a very very good ad. Too bad so many of the things were closed that day...space shot, for instance. And when it started to rain in the afternoon...

Exhilarating :D 
Now I sorta regret not going for painball. hahaha. Before we left Genting, the guys called to say they were on the top floor going to "shoot". So we went up. Watching them play (Jaer followed by Sandip) my heart felt "moved" to play too... but it was nearly time to leave! Haha. My Sifu Sandip again just told me "just go pay and play ony!" I sure don't regret it. Was taught how to shoot a gun. Aiming etc. First few shots were wayyyyy out as I had NO idea how to aim (supposed to be through that little hole I'm supposed to look through) but when I properly started on the 4th try(I paid for 20 "ammo") it was 9.8, 9.9, 10 around those lines. SUPER DUPER exhilarating! :) Sugar rush man. :D :D :D

Lit people are creative people? :)
The bunch of literature gang that went up. Behind you can see "sound and lighting", and there's blind Teresias in front with the beautiful Oracle. We were supposed to portray what we were. But I was the emcee and credits song performer. What could I do? :O

Group shot :) 
Before we officially left, we gathered to have a group shot. I have no idea whats with the lame ultraman signs. haha -_____- It was a good day. And I'm gonna remember the memories for a long, long time :) 

Final "event" and pictures that follows!

North Indian food @ Passage thru India , Damansara 

Morgan awestruck by the food
This time,Parisha hosted us to North Indian food in Damansara at a place called Passage thru India. The food is very,very good. I must caution you however, do bring enough money as this place is pricey. Its literally nearly double the price of the food @ Kabul KL Sentral. 

Mouth watering much? :P
Butter chicken, various naans and something I cant identify. All of which tasted good.

Group pic. 
Haha dunno if u consider this a "family photo". Its a funny one if so :P This is one in which u could see the exquisite interior designing lah. While I was googling it, I found out that there is also a branch at Pearl's International Hotel. Hmm....

Outside, I pestered aka bossed the guys to pose the guys decided to do "creative posing" for photos. You must agree this is a brilliant shot thanks to the photographer  :P

Model shot of (fill in the blanks) magazine cover 
The girls however, are not so easily beaten...as can be seen from the picture above. I love this shot too. Gotta thank good lighting for this one, just like the last one too :)

This finally concludes the picture post of these fond memories of the holidays. Full set of pictures can be accessed under an album by itself "Post EOS5 Chilling/ Outing".

...August means that people are leaving soon, and many of us going to Seremban. Things won't be the same again, what with everyone everywhere, life constantly revolving... but I know these are the memories that are treasured deep within me, that never fails to bring out a smile... and that wherever you guys all are, you'll all always be a part of my fond memories :) 

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