Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Sooky is right...closer to exams / when we're stressed out bout something our usage of facebook/ blogposts increase. It is as if stress is proportionate to Facebook / blogging :P

Been somewhat packing today. Sorting out clothes to bring to Seremban. True, I may not have so much problem (like luggage weight prob) like those going overseas...but I still do have to pack and its not easy. "Splitting" oneself, the memories, the everything into half...Somewhat. I'm just not sure what to expect. Sighs.

Tomorrow night we're having a farewell dinner for those UK bound people whom are leaving in these 2 weeks. A sense of lingering sadness, of fondness of the many memories shared. Why is it that people always have to leave??

And Thursday night, is my own "Farewell" with my beloved "juniors". I've took them as my friends all these while. Apparently the venue hasn't been set yet since a current head count of 64 people are going. If you ask me thats crazy...Its like having a mini wedding reception :O Talk bout when one REALLY gets married :-O
I don't know how one person is gonna talk to like , 60+ people at a time. SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE. Lol. haha.

The crazy things we do. 

I'm...gonna miss these people. These people who have brightened my days, these people who kacau me puas puas, these people whom I love and love me too. These people whom I have opened my heart and shared my life with. It is not goodbye...coz good friends stay together through the years, distance and time notwithstanding...

My very first (and last?) treasure hunt in IMU BJ. 

...My room is in an utter mess... Just like the condition of my heart. 

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