Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random ramblings

Progress has been slow. If I were to say it in a statement, it would be :

Holidays - Stomach 1 : Brain 0

Sigh...One thing I really should have is a little more consistency and discipline.

There are so many things I'm looking forward to after exams...All pending me passing the final exit viva *shakes in fear*

You know, my blog following is downright horrible. Views are as low as 2-4 a day, and the traffic is based on nonsensical sources from some blog and random searches. Basically, if you say I'm a lifestyle blogger, I've failed, miserably. Food blogger? Nah, no following either. Cosmetics? My skin is sensitive, not so easy. Basically its a collection of my musings (whenever I can get down to writing a post! look at the past years, the number of posts have been dwindling... ><

Anyway! Rambling rambling. It's ok, since my personal blog is "Dead" (no one reads, and those who tried have given up since the posting was too infrequent).

And since it's my blog, I can spam as many posts as I want. So I'm going to with all the posts I want to post! Grrrrr *Exam stress have gone mad*

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