Thursday, February 21, 2013

At The Cross

You know it's true that people always seek God in the lowest points of their life. Literally like the chinese saying "holding on to the buddha's leg at the very last moment". It's when we've invested our everything, our life, our emotions, our money, our friends...everything! Then only we're willing to come to Him.

That isn't the way, we all know it shouldn't be. And frankly, it actually is pretty ungrateful, if you think about it. Seeking someone only when we need them.

But the beauty of this all is that God has always been there waiting, waiting, waiting; loving, loving, loving. Loving who? Everyone of this earth - whatever your name, race, your religion, your sexual orientation, your shortcomings....Everyone. And His response is never one of hate, never one of condemnation or "Told you to come look for me earlier!" kinda responses, but "There there child, I love you. I have called you by name. I will lift you up. I will hold you close, hold you in the palm of my hands." Those responses, and more.

I think that's why, even though it's ironic but its true, that " When we are weak then He becomes stronger" - not because He can become stronger (He has and always will be the strongest!)- It's His influence, His power that becomes stronger in our lives because we let Him, we allow Him to work in our lives. We give Him the permission(because He's such a gentlemen and won't intrude) and then we see miracles unfold before our eyes.

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