Thursday, July 1, 2010



I can finally say I feel slightly relieved right now. Today, I declare, is a good day. =) And I hope it stays the same for the week, the month(s) and year(s) ahead :)

Finally sorta finalized the accommodation for Seremban. Gotta admit that working with people (4 other housemates) is challenging. A lot of tolerance, give and take, and heartache is involved. But ultimately, I know these people for 2 - 3 years already... And I know they're good people. Just different people have different quirks and fancies....which we'll have to get used to when staying together.

Its been a week of staying at home for me. Well not exactly, since I've been having a 2 hour per day refresher course for driving for the past 3 days including today. It ended at 9.45am this morning. Yes, waking up to alarms these 2 days...uggghhhh D: But I can say that I can drive now :) pretty confidently? back/ reverse park, hill / upslope even during times of traffic jams... :D cause for celebration haha.

thinking of taking up random part time jobs. preferably ushering jobs la. that I know I can, looking around for these 1-3 days contract thing since I daren't commit fully.

Genting trip is next wednesday...hopefully finalized :) waiting for replies, then can go buy tickets already. Ahhhh, time with my batchmates :)

*This is such a scatterbrain post, just like the others*

wrote down a list stuff I need to bring /get / pack / buy for seremban. I'm not sure how I feel actually...its a mixture of feelings. Oh the room is pretty big tho so if anyone wants to come crash you're always welcome... :)

Things I've done this hols:
- Finished a 6- hour driving refresher course
- Watched a few movies - Toy story 3 (loves loves loves), Dear John, The Notebook, Hairspray, REwatched the sound of music (many many times! coz the mucic is awesome), How to tame a dragon...
- FINALLY filed up my sem 5 notes
- kept my fingernails long .I can pluck (guitar) now :D even songs like Hallelujah. haha.
- Went Karaoke for the first time with Ange / Kel / Eewei / Morgan / Sam for the first time, IOI Red box. Pretty fun..some got hidden talents like rapping hahaha
- went house hunting 2 days in seremban. so yeah...thats done.
- Went back to IMU to help juniors with patient interview (hopefully it helped them , I know I tried my very best writing cases for them and commenting on how to improve). matter of fact is that many doctors nowadays fail to properly interact with patients. I can't say I'm the best, but I'll definitely try to be a doctor who knows her stuff and cares for the patient as well.  - and also help with CSU practice. I could finally see the difference after 1.5 years doing csu. There is difference between sem 3 and sem 5. Again, cases and techniques. I'm honoured to have taught these people tho I know I have lots to learn myself.
- Semi - cleared my bed (meaning I still need to clear , lah)
- Semi - cleared my table (lies looks just as messy as it was when I was studying :/ )

What I want to do:
- Go running. Properly. Havn't done so in a few months...and I love my running shoes.
- Go Genting! (well its the friends that matter. really...I always go genting ,so its not genting that attracts me)
- Stand in a windy place (Say a sandy place / fields) and blow bubbles (you know , the little bottles of coloured soap water you used to blow as a child? )
- change my blog layout. Got ideas but no skill. Anyone care to help? :(
- hmm actually cant think. haha
- tbc - to be confirmed :P

Hopefully no one was reading on till this long. People have always always commented that I write too long? The thing is, this is my blog. A place where I 'spill' whatever I wanna say , irregardless of what people think (of course, writing with consideration to others feelings as well, to a certain extent). The reason why it's actually so long is coz I pent up things inside. like a bottle filling up? Then it sorta "Explodes". Not the best thing to do tho....

Remember the mixed feelings I said I have. Some reasons I will not care to elaborate, but others...I'm gonna miss a lot of people from IMU. From my batchmates esp some of them, my orientation groups and the individual people...there are too many to name. Sexiest, and the likes rocker mommy / ever amazing jamming buddy Ruby , Eldwin, Chill, my "cute little brother" Cheeyip, Cobras, with the many many people like mangkuk Fida , introspective Shane, "chinese" brother wedeling aka Sze Jun, mirror Jit Tong, and many many many more whom if I have to list, I'll probably have pages full(depending on the size of the paper :P )

*heaves a sigh*

am lost for words for the moment. lost in thought...

Sneak peek of where I'll be for the next 2 years. lol


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

joanne! which part of seremban will u b staying? near the hospital or further away??? anyways,enjoyyyyyyy the holidays! woohoo! :)

Joanne Lee said...

staying in seremban 3 ,near rasah jaya. its near the highway bout 12 mins drive to the hosp, much nearer to clinical school than alot of seremban 2 places. what bout u?

hahaha enjoy yr hols too!:)