Thursday, June 17, 2010

post eos5


I can't believe its been a week since the BIG EXAM in IMU, EOS5. This time last week Sooky and I were still trying some last minute practice on my beloved juniors. I tell you, I have juniors who rock. I can practice csu/ osce in the library and the pbl room as much and as when I please. Lol.

Anyway, pms results are out for everyone else. Why everyone else? Coz I'm part of the local programme, I already knew my next 2.5 years destination since sem 5 began, unlike the anticipation my pms friends had to go through. Congrats to most of my frenz who got their 1st/ 2nd choice...and even those who din't get their top few choices but got pretty good schools too. It is pretty ironic that you can set your mind to a certain continent / country...and be sent to the other :D haha. only IMU can do that to you. But in the end you realise that all is for the better?

went out a few time so far. Pizza hut lunch / midvalley walkabout + ice-cream dinner with sooky, / A - team movie + sushi / bangsar banana leaf + shopping + mango ice cream shake! awesome stuff I tell you. most pictures are with Sooky with her sexilicious camera... :D so we shall wait. I have a few which I will post up :D

My shopping kaki :D 
I think the expression on the cute paper bag that Ash's holding sums up our feelings aptly that day : ) 

I like the this picture - it has our drinks / desserts, and Sooky in a never-seen-before-cute-pouting-face :p
Oh just so you know...the mango ice cream Sooky and Ash had was called "dress me up" (coz it has mango pieces. the "bare" one with just mango is called "Yo Naked". hahaha I rememeber all of us having a bit of difficulty reading out the name when we first went there during my birthday celebration. haha. (Now we read without batting an eyelid :P )

Ahhhh. Havn't gone out with her in a long LONG time. *hugs*
The last was sem 4 with the likes of Dr Leow and what nots :P

Also had a pretty fun time "jamming" with Ruby in LT2 yesterday. Playing random songs from Edelweiss to "The moon represents my heart" (yeah old time chinese song) to Mandy Moore's "Only Hope" to the final big bang Switchfoot's "Dare you to move" was fun with Ruby on the piano and me on guitar. I have NEVER played so much or so hard for a long long time...welcome the calluses on my fingertips now hahaha.

We call each other mommy :) Love the way she plays the piano :)
We had a few camwhore shots before we left...I think this is the most "presentable" one hahaha. It was fun just chilling out, eating lunch, playing songs on our piano / guitar, singing and watching Ruby with her airguitar :) One heck of a rocker mummy :)

And tomorrow...the results are revealed. I wish and hope and pray for good results..all of us do. Dearest wish? Whole of M108 passes both theory and osce papers. That, would be a good dream come true :)

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