Friday, June 11, 2010

I remember...

EOS 5 is finally over...Its been months and months of suppressed mixed feelings and of a hectic hectic schedule. its been crazy, studying the 9 body systems (and forgetting) and studying again and the cycle continues.

I guess I'm really at a loss now. I actually am not sure how I really feel, how its gonna be. There are surely gonna be many changes, some anticipated, some not.

For one, I'm really really gonna miss alot of my friends. From batchmates to my many many juniors and library furniture - mates and many good friends I've gained along the way. We've seen each other for as long as one sem (A few months) to 2.5 years...and its was an awesome time getting to know every single one of these people who have touched my life in so, so , so many ways. The journey that we shared, through sweat, joy, shouting, agony, tears, pain, boring lectures, combine tables lunches, random karaoke at piano sessions and all. All these things bring back fond memories, and a little sense of sadness in me as well. (not so little, but yeah).

I remember our M108 orientation days, where we had the most ridiculous (and cutest and hilarious and funkiest) animals / plants. The swan. The hamster. The asparagus. The peacock. The lotus. The bunny. BARNEY!!! and more.

I remember the mornings our beloved batch rep will make announcement with the microphone...with an "option" (Coz he'll do it anyway) of him singing for us. Voted most responsible, syiok sendiri, most... he truly holds many titles.

I remember the many lame moments we shared. From the most boring or random moment where a cold "joke" will come our from no where and cause the -___- feeling. I think we have a lecturer that sorta fuels the f-lame. awesome right :D

I remember the 2 IMU cups in 2008 and 2009, MEDT BANG BANG BANG and Hydra House. Remember playing darts for hours and hours. Remember screaming at the top of my lungs cheering my batch / house's cheerleading squad.

I remember the days of Oedipus, where everyone was transported in time with everything from props to make up to an awesome cast and chorus. That was a freaking awesomely enjoyable time. :D I thought got part 2...?

I remember the many trips / outings we all made. somehow mid valley seems the most often, followed by sunway pyramid and the others. The super indecisiveness of the people and the many steps extra we walked for that reason :D

I remember those days that even in semester 1 these particular people's butts were plastered to the blue library seats from after lecture to late evening, getting up only to eat lunch. And its definitely NOT m108 hahaha.

I remember being very proud of them for various reasons. more than getting champion, they stuck together (and still do) and did everything with a team spirit. And we had our first IMSS being a GIRL that totally rewrote history! I still believe her to be one of the best until now :D

I remember dancing to jai ho and forgetting the steps onstage despite practicing like crazy the whole day. Told'ya I couldnt dance lol.

I remember going for treasure hunt for the first time and looking like crap later :P but I did not look worst than my juniors tho, thankfully XD

There are so so many things I remember. This is some of them. Of course, how could I ever forget the days we the library furniture would mug, forgetting time and food? of purple/ red/ white spot books and mms models and more...

Thank you to each of you who made my life more meaningful. To those who saw me through various stages of my life. To those who teman-ed me and coaxed me to eat properly. To those who went out of their way for many many things, including the many days playing with the combination that worked on my face (makeup for ball) to taking me to the saloon; and those who sat by me day by day in lecture, the countless (literally) times prodding me(without success most times) while I took a trip to lalaland.

As you can see, I've got alot of thoughts I need to sort out in my brain. More later, and perhaps , when my brain is not so zombied (3 hours sleep the day before after being up nearly 24 hrs) and when more coherant flow presents itself :)

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