Monday, May 17, 2010

Myriad of feelings

Myriad of feelings

I felt the need to blog, despite knowing my feelings are more than mixed, carrying both happiness and at the same time, great sadness.

It's the last lecture (of IMU BJ) tomorrow. Another end to a phase -halfway through university. The thing is...half my close friends whom I treasure and love will be leaving across oceans and seas. The many good times and random moments with the people whom I have the honour and privilege to know and call friends, walking through many many highs and lows...I know this isn't the end, or so we say. But experience has thought me to be less hopeful, more realistic.

But the good times we all shared will definitely stay in my heart and mind - the happy times, emo times, lame joke times, makaning...

To be continued


Jc said...

That sounds sad.. I barely started my blog and i came across your blog and it seems interesting. May i ask how old you are? I'm just so bored and wanted someone to talk to and i know what your talking about when you wrote this post. Its like you are losing good friends and your afriad you might not keep in touch. well thats all i wanted to say.

wunwun said...

we love you, always^^ i feel so lucky to start the life in imu with fun and interesting people like you. good luck in exams and be strong. *hugs*