Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I feel like blogging.

I felt like blogging all day.

Sitting in the library with the packets of Limau Ais and later Teh-O-Ais-Limau which is most satisfying...cold and sweet .

It was a random day, with the many flavours of life kicking in.

Various flavours brought about by friendship. The way it spices up one's life. The way the sweetness kicks in and gives one hyperglycaemia - you don't even need chocolate! The indescribable feeling after talking to a trusted friend bout an assortment of topics that leaves you just feeling blessed that you have friends,and those who care for that matter. Many, many of them who just add flavour in my life just like salt does - you can't do without it in your dishes!

Happy (belated) 22th Angeline :) Go Coffee girl :)
Sem 5 doesn't mean you forget your friends. On the contrary, you celebrate them...with the most random stuff such as coffee. Well...what to do if coffee defines you?  :P

The 2 gems in my life :)
Whoots to the one on my left and right. Both beautiful ladies in their own accord, with their beauty radiating from inside to out. Its no wonder its so warm even in freezing cold IMU. ;)

Fifi!!! :) :) :) Young, hawt, smart...and single ;)
I sure gonna hear complains bout this. Can feel it coming already... 
This is one heck of a power woman in my life as well. President of 2 clubs, go ask her :) recently was also promoted in a real IMU club. Whoots I tell u! :) Proud of her. And each and every one of my friends for their little achievements :)

Somehow I feel incapable of pouring out my heartfelt emotions today...

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