Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Was reflecting on the recent change in events...of how complications can arise just like that and it really takes effort to resolve it. It was an equal headache to search for a house in Seremban , but now that thats done...

I actually went through many many websites, trust me on that. 1001 or maybe more websites, night after night searching for a place to stay...

Later on, I was introduced to a super nicely designed website Propwall, a Malaysia Property  website. To my surprise , it is actually worth a visit...the website layout is very soothing to the eye and more importantly , it is very updated and with lots of traffic. They even have more than 1,000 property analysis articles and 40,000 high quality property photos [all of which look very very chic and modern and classy ;) ], and all organized in such a way that is easy to navigate searching! 

However, if you ask me the downside , there is one major one - The majority of places advertised are either based in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. Only slightly more than 100 properties out of roughly 1600 properties are based in areas outside KL and Selangor. And the properties are also on the pricey side (you pay for class too right)

Apart from that , I find this website really good. Not only it is informative, with the asking price stated clearly, there are ample quality photos to view the properties. I often find it a turnoff when prospective sellers refuse to cooperate by giving enough photos - I won't even bother contacting the person in charge !  

So yes, if I were you, and searching for a place to buy / rent , I'll definitely give this website a go ;)

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