Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random musings

Random musings

To be very honest, I have been doing nearly nothing but lazing /bumming around since I finished exams :D

First off, I moved my computer from the table to beside my bed, so I literally live beside my computer - That would probably explain my super prompt replies esp at Facebook huh ;p

Next , I just can't find the energy to do anything else - including reading a book (even novels). The sign of them just sends me to sleep. I haven't even watched Moulin Rouge which I downloaded weeks ago!! Instead, what I do is just close my eyes - "rest". The bliss of not having a 101 things to complete (well there are things I'm supposed to do which I'm sitting on, of course), such as the stack of notes to finish. I don't exactly miss that time ;p

Something random I saw on a shirt in a hypermarket

I do, however, miss my IMU phase 1 life, especially the library moments. Of sitting at the "gungho - sem 1 -study till 6pm " group aka Sexiest back in 2009 to the "fish market" table aka co13ras in 2010...I miss the moments. At times I'll just sit reflecting random moments like how "monkey" , "monster" and "nonsense" was the favourite words of Geena , Sofiah, Jolene and the other m109's, how Mae Yee will get bullied by the likes of Wei Hoong "Disgusting" how the chatterboxes of my beloved co13ras will start chatting away in mandarin, and the random (girl's) "Tie Day".

I remember the moments where Ruby would just sit beside me as I stone, and force me to eat something as I barely had the appetite to eat(crispy chicken or a muffin) Hoong2's favourite repetitive term "Don't worry, be happy" and his all-time-lame sentence "I give you bile, make you smile" (or something along those lines). Those, and many more have been my comfort so so many times when I was too distressed to even speak.

MaeYee, Ruby, Hoong2. SeXIest lives on forever =)

Fast-forwarding to 2010, the appearance of "Mangkuk" and many many more. "lil bro" Sze Jun, we-love-hugs Alex, Sexy Jit Tong, Siew See(Sexy) , Mr. Intelligent - Thinkalot Shane, Turtle Pencil-case-always get stolen Crystal... and more. They cheer me up in so so many ways. I'm smiling as I remember how I'll give some of them (like Alex, Fida) a hug each day when we meet and when one of us is going home. Its a "routine" that I grew accustomed to looking forward to. How all of us would not hesitate to offer advice or help whenever needed. To be honest, I was pretty useless as a senior... I din't do anything for them. They (my friends aka juniors in Imu) instead were 1 of the greatest sources of sunshine in my life. :')

(Most of) The lot of them from the "fish market" table XD

I don't regret knowing anyone of them / all of you (Coz I'm not sure if many of you will ever read this)... It is truly a great honour and privilege of mine to know all of you, who you are, sincere and real people. You guys leave me nothing but fond memories, and the amazing feeling of being immensely blessed by knowing each and everyone of you. :)

The practice video of variety night. It was funnier during practice somehow. 
Sorry for the quality...people were moving about

Here is something I never posted up for all of you to watch, the variety night practice video. Its the best I could take... ps: Here at least it's SCIENTIFIC breakthrough not medical breakthrough that earned us a QC ;P And I can't help but laugh at the stupid dance moves everyone was making at the end to the song "Umbrella" XD

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