Friday, November 13, 2009


Its been a while.

Many days have past. Many hours, many minutes.

Laughter, tears, sweat, agony, fatigue, malaise, depression. Haha, you name it.

26 November - Summatives are approaching. Am I prepared? Not yet, but I will try.
By God's grace, not by my strength. I like what my lecturer put up during a pathology slide one day. It goes something like this :

" The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving. "
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

He was trying to describe to renal infection pathway. But nontheless, I feel it is a very good saying, very true, very wise.

Sometimes , many times even, I tend to compare myself with others. There will always be somebody better, smarter, achieves higher results, more talented, can draw much much better, doesn't play musical instruments at mere entertaintment level... You get the picture. There will always be dissatisfaction. And for me at least, sometimes it has caused much heartache. Who doesn't want to be the best? who doesn't want to be multi talented, superman/woman? Who doesnt want faith that moves mountains? In short, who doesn't want to be "special"?

But the greatest thing in this world is not where we are...but where we are moving. What am I moving towards? What is my actions and daily thoughts, or schedule bringing me to? I only know to strive the best I can. And perhaps, perhaps, that is enough.

there is someone inside of me
waiting to be unleashed
whom You embraced
whom i long to be
(Ian McIntosh - Awakened)

I can, and will say that I am beautiful - Simply because my God who loves me beautifully carved my very "being" - down to the last muscle and nerve. He who knows all my stengths, and flaws, and loves me the same. The eternal God who never changes. The One who saw me when He took the crown of thorns, the One who loved me through the nails that He bore. For I am beautifully and wonderfully made, my soul knows very well.

I am defined not by what the world sees of me, not by the dollar bills like those of high profile leaders and bussinessman....But I'm defined by what my Maker says of me, what He calls me. And He calls me daughter. The one whom in His eyes I'm deeply loved, greatly blessed, and highly favoured. And this is the fact that remains the same, unchangeble throughout time. And hence, Unmeasurable are my limits for i call you Father ,unimaginable my potential for You have called me son(daughter).

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