Friday, November 20, 2009



Selective groupings are finally out...after a loong wait. And I got...


And I mean long... I've been waiting since sem 1. *grins* (I read someone's blog bout selectives before I even entered IMU...and resolved to do literature right after that. Its a 2 yr "dream come true"? hahaha

So. Timetable is out, along with groupings. Apart from the fact that lectures(well, lectures?) are all gonna be 1.30pm like sem 2 and 3, I quite like my timetable. I find it very interesting and likable... I'm one who cant sit through heavy lectures without dozing off even momentarily. No lectures at 8.30am in the morning / 4pm in the evening ; no assesments and no heavy lectures. Instead, drama rehersal(like crazy) with some essays on "personal reflection" etc, which involves...crapping ;p What could be better? The "down" side is we ARE gonna be busy. But when one is enjoying(hopefully), it doesnt become a chore, no? :)

Gonna be with people like Esther, Sufi, Angeline, Sandip, Hwei Jene, June and many others amounting to 52 peeps. Hopefully we get to pick our own groupings! *fingers crossed*

...King Oedipus. I hope we do justice to your pin-pierced bloody eyes and self-fullfilling prophecy which you tried so hard to run away from.

On another note, summatives are next thursday. No comment. I just...want to pass. And hopefully do well. I've got less than a week. *pls let a meteor pass by, I need a miracle*...

...I should study. NOT play roller coaster tycoon 2. (I finished all the beginner parks ady).


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