Tuesday, November 3, 2009

egg sanwich

Egg Sanwich


In my mind I've been telling myself to update. Not that I have nothing to update...just that I never get down to it XD

Wanted to do an egg sanwich for myself today. Why? coz i see it in uni...but dont wanna buy for 2 reasons : 1. expensive. 2. wholemeal bread. - I prefer white.

I was scheduled to wake up at 8.30 this morning. But...after 2 snoozes and just turning the alarm off, I got up in a shock...at 9.30. (no applause).

Rushed down to boil water. then I put the eggs in the hot water in the bowl...and then got changed and came downstairs. cut the bread, spread on margerine. took out the egg...it was half boiled! I could literally feel its not solid. aiks.

What did I do? I tried to smear the sanwiches with the egg. and when Sooky was waiting outside (to go to uni)...I gobbled the half boiled egg in a whole mouthful. (speaking of which, I experienced a sharp pain in my lower abdomen...just only)

The egg sanwish tasted like "gardenia" bread. well. if i wanted gardenia, I would have just bought plain white bread. zzz.

Aiks, I might have to go. Hopefully not food poisoning.

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