Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Seremban Chronicles Continue...

Finally! Some pictures that I'm happily uploading :D

Cendol @Haji Sariff
Cendol(normal) was good. But the company was what made it worthwhile. :)

 Ellysyia @ Kampung Angkat Sejagong
Again I was placed in a semi-modern a kampung. Haha. Anyway its true...that the villagers accept people with open arms and open hearts. And what we gave is nothing like what we got in it the hospitality or care or even material wise. they may not have much, but they give freely...

MunYee@ KKS 
A super cute adorable girl whom I was able to "bond" with during her 1/2 hour visit to the clinic. She's 4, and her mum is only 19! Her hyperactive self and not-afraid-of-anything + cheeky personality reminds me of my past(or what I hear of my past)...

On a lighter and random note, the other 3 girls (instead of just 1 initially) in the seremban pink party house is officially "taken" aka attached... :D

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