Friday, September 24, 2010


On call tonight. Went to A & E instead of wards. What to do? A &E my "first love" (or one of it).

Did another ECG today. Non supervised one, I mean. ACS (Acute coronary syndrome). Ok lah. Ran over to ask stupid question, but was ok in the end.

Then there was another Indian male that needed an ECG. All my friends were crowding around him.

So I thought ok, I'll just let them do it and keep my mouth shut. Slowly find leads, slowly print the paper...

Then they asked me how to operate the thing (what the doctors want). And then the ecg it din't come out nice. But instead of reading what I could, I decided to redo. The 3rd time the doctor came over, and while i was telling him "not really nice" he was scanning through the leads he then went : "SHIT! MI!"( MI - Myocardial Infarction aka heart attack).

And when he was scanning through I saw the ST elevation. I felt like "..."

Later on the poor patient was counselled on treatment and possibilities etc, and finally went I left he was just intubated. Hopefully he recovers. He has a family waiting for him...

Moral of the lesson, at least for me: Emergency Department, you really gotta take things seriously, and a bit faster. You never know that few minutes could actually help the patient? Just my 2 cents, at least.

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