Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEARLY lost. gosh.

Was walking back to the car with my phone in hand.(BAD move. I so should NOT do it). got into the car, dropped in into my lap on the labcoat i was carrying.

Then I got out of the car to open the car door behind me.

"Eh, borrow phone, my phone no credit" friend went bout 5-10 minutes later.i was going to pull out my phone and suddenly I just could NOT find it. I sorta freaked inside, since this isn't the first time in a short while I lost something important...again :/

Retraced my steps back to the car park bout 3 mins away, and it was under the next car, just beside the wheel. Reverse the car(thank God we finished early no one was out yet), and my phone is gone.

Really really thank God. Seems like even when I'm unaware He does care and watch out for me. Just a phone, but its important...I so need bigger pockets :/

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