Thursday, October 14, 2010


Its been more than a week now. 2 weeks left in internal medicine. its the usual, day after day, day after day.

Venepuncture aka blood drawing? better. but still need lots and lots of practice. i think my practical skills are like that, which means im not a "naturally talented" person but have to work on it. most probably my driving would be like that too, if i have chance to practice.

arrrgh. but yeah blabbing. yesterday had CP(Case presentation). made a dumbass mistake.presented the case. said the patient had chickenpox more than 30 years ago. so the doctor asked "what virus causes chicken pox?" \

my mouth shot out "herpes simplex". gg man. i KNOW its varicella zoster but somehow maybe at the back of my mind i was thinking herpes zoster. either way, embarassing. herpes simplex is an std  -sexually transmitted disease. groans....

the doctor took it very nicely tho. aka no scolding. he reminded us (me?) of a few things - think before we speak, especially as doctors. and assume nothing.

got so much running in my head right now but I'm actually supposed to rest. PBL in bout 10-15 mins. I should really be more disciplined...

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