Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Had my first experience of writing minutes (As a secretary today). not toooo bad, cept that kinda lazy to type things out (coz when you write during the meeting itself it already takes time.) Solution? Bring laptop, type it out the next time. Unless lazy to bring. At any rate, our Hydra House Captain is wayyyyy wayyyyy hardworking and the other secretary, Sook Yee is too! o0ps, WHO and I mean WHO shouted my name la (and those who chanted along)?!?!?

It was a packed day...Paying library fine (lol I got fined RM2), meeting at 10.30-12, 12.30-1.30, class 1.30-2.50, pbl 3-4.15. wow. haha. then later go src room... decided not to take up the part time it offer. Don't want to quit halfway...thats not being very responsible. Its only today that I realised secretary had alot of work...I thought it was confined to house and blog. haha..lolz. Sorry Alicia tho (SRC IT liason. ). thank you for the opportunity tho, I would have loved to learn something.

On a side note, finally got back my bottle from daddy Eld today. One week exactly! thanks daddy :) What touched me most was that my bottle came back full/ refilled....that was a gesture I never ever ever expected of you...or a guy for that matter :) Thanks daddy :) You rawk =D

K, random pictures. Presenting...

Thariq. Told you I'll post it up. "serious AR?". Loves the malaysian slang so much. lolz

KING Rakib Udin. Look at the crown on his head...and the cool one sided "glasses". WHAT THE?!?! (his tagline)

The "mirror" during rest station of 5 minute history taking stations. partner: Sam Goh. Missed alot of information that day. Note to self: must remember to ask main worry, relieving / aggravating factors, specific foods allergic . and describe the pain!!! :O

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