Saturday, April 4, 2009

Listening to - David Cook, Always be my baby.

Was pensive this morning. I thought I was prepared...but listening to the "news" , I guess... sometimes we wish and we wish and we wish... and sometimes what is more important is to have our feet grounded and work our very best to make the best, to soar above what is deemed to be limitations.

Sometimes we do things with a good intention...and end up messing up. I'm not an organized person, but I did try. I'm sorry I messed up, tho its a small thing. I tried.

This week has been a long week as well. the bright side was 2 phone calls from the people I absolutely love. Thank you for making my day(s). You know who you are :) Its amazing to think how people care. You guys really made me smile :)

I thought Asus could retrieve my data...turns out that even they tried, but failed. The hard disks will be new... Now the momories are the ones etched in the brain and in the heart. Probably that is what matters. And thanks to blogging, memories will be there too...

On another note, congratulations ZIA!!!! Our SRC President 2009/2010!!! I am so gonna strangle you on monday with your silly april fool prank man :/ Haha. Congrats Ash, Sha, Mira, and the rest too. and to that someone, it doesnt matter what the results are - you know you are loved irregardless of what the outcome may be.

Dunno why. Just thinking of so much, but not sure what to blog :/

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