Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday. 6 days. Adapting. Never thought it would be easy , and grateful for the countless number of friends that made this time easier.

Hopefully today after going cheng beng and all can go bowling tonight. Itching to bowl...havnt done so for a year already.

Thinking bout certain things.. such as the way I prefer to do things in my own pace and timing. Sometimes I feel that being rushed really gets on my nerves... I rather do things when I'm comfortable. But guess it doesn't always work this way.

Realised that even though we all love our country, many aspire to travel and settle down abroad in the coming years. Its nothing wrong, just... well, not strange, giving every happening / circumstance around us. Its just natural... to find a place of survival, a place to prosper, a place where one can spread their wings and fly...

Wonder how people can be sure they've made the right decision(or not). and the road not taken, one will never know how it could have turned out...

I know my blog lacks photos. Well, in times of pensiveness and moodiness, the photos are just...not so appropriate. and since this isn't my doesnt even have bluetooth, how to transfer my photos on? my computer has been sent for repair, and the way it looks ,the hard disk will be replaced. all the data, gone.... (one of the worst nightmares one can have, honestly).

this week... class everyday; wellness module(facilitating) wednesday and friday, mon csu, tues pbl (and fri oso la) plus mms currently timing still in a fix...hehe may start going gym. treadmill, nothing big. excercise? (uh, the horror)...

Shall sign off for now. Comp's not mine, and people are nagging pestering. My mood is boiling again. Some people just don't know when to ask questions. And some don't know they should NOT ask some questions. If only certain people aren't so annoying.

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