Friday, March 27, 2009

Racing agaisnt time to when my dad comes to pick me up. As fyi, my comp is suffering idiopathic whatever disorder. I hope it will recover soon. It needs a name.

Japanese Club( I am a member ok! ) had its welcoming party. pizza thin crust hawwaai...getting sick of pizza's. lol. kickapoo. and they watched pokemon second generation. so ugly la. 1st generation one nicer. lols... and that ended up as the mealtime topic at the cafeteria. Gengar, jigglypuff.... ... ... -_________- haha

Forgot to book room for csu practice this morning , so ended up having no room to practice csu. sorry sooky and chong sen! this week has been a long week. but I'm grateful. sorry tej! next week we practice again k :) thanks for so willingly being my sp. so stingy! only RM4 angpow. lols.

It was this time that CS got on my nerves. I just couldn't stand it...and before I knew it, my tears just flowed. Joanne, I thought you were ok. Get a grip of yourself. But I know I'll be fine. In fact, more than fine. Thanks to all who kept me company these few days. You guys made the world of difference to me. And to all of you who think so, no No NO I'm not going to get white hair. Its not in my genes. I'm young forever...sexiest! haha :) :) :D

Hustings was fine. Zia was good. Her replies were at best...professional. *advertistment* VOTE FOR ZIA!!! hahaha zia's the best bet la. she's sincere and she can get the job done. this is one of the highest compliments I can pay her.

Before that , rushed off. Saw many familiar faces. Just to get in the mood. And come in full surrender. To remember who I am in Him, to feel Him speaking to me. Indeed, I am the boat with holes...but I never will sink coz He's there. I'll not just float, but move. I'm not at the oars, He is. And the tree from the last time? It has added some rings to its rims. Simbolizing years of wisdom, sweat, tears, struggles. The spoken, and unspoken.

I realised that I've got a lot to learn from the people around me. The diligence, responsiblity. The discipline. And much much more. The way they joke and fool around. Clowns, I tell you! Clowns! Lols.

Its a fresh new beginning, a new chapter has began. Definitely will be different, hopefully much more exciting and inspiring than before. And here's to getting back my computer asap! *clinks glass*

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