Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Since I'm at it, I might as well continue. After all, I always wanted to do this.

First quarter of the year is nearly drawing to an end. This year has been a year full of more ways than one. Definitely not a year that I expected it to be, but I guess its for me to make the most out of each experience to grow and move on; and to encourage others.

The first month of the year brought many new faces and challenges. In the 2nd week of returning to university, I got robbed 2 minutes from my home by 3 indian boys who threatened assult. This left me shaken for quite some time. It definitely has affected me till now. The worst part is happening to "meet" at a food stall, and not just me recognizing him who robbed me, but him recognizing me.

February went by in a breeze. I actually barely remember anything from February.

And March strode by. Final preparations and various meetings for the orientation 2009 for the medicine / dentistry batches. All too soon there were many new faces. And to cut the looong story short, during orientation I got run down by a car. Miraculously, God granted me no injuries, at least no major ones. Our group name is seXIest. And till this very day the name remains, the people stick close. I find myself part of the family...and proud of it.

Recently. A few days ago. Had to make up a choice that I had put off for way to long. Words of wisdom from people I never expected made me think. I realised that somethings can't be pushed, some things were just...meant/ not meant to be. A difficult decision but I can't say I regret. Simply because thinking things through, I realise that if that were to continue, I would lose myself entirely and just...lose purpose. I'm utterly grateful you understand and care, and I'm honoured to call you my brother.

And its during these not so easy times that so many things I'm grateful for. The friends I have around me, who go all the way out for me. Treat me with love, patience and care. Crack me up! lols. I realise that these people are the jewels , the rare gems in my closet. And I would not trade them for anything in this whole wide world. Not money definitely.

I wanna be someone who lives out her life. Who cares for others, puts others first. Whom goes the extra mile for another. I wanna be someone whom smiles, someone whom encourages, someone whom is always there for others in all times.I wana be a true friend. I wanna be the girl that is carefree, does not over analyse all the surface talk. To be a person whom always sees the bright lining of the a dark situation, whom always smile and count her blessings. More than anything , someone whom loves. Loves others. Loves what she's doing. Do all she does - with passion. To have the faith and confidence in herself. In what she does. In whom she is.

2009 thus far had been crazy. However, I do look forward to the other 3 upcoming quarters of the year. Hopefully, with a new heart and a new mind, I can accept the larger portion of 2009 with no regrets, and can happily say at year end that it was all the best ever.

And now, April beckons...

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JaCeLyN said...

joanne!!! not sure what you are going or have gone through... sorry for my lack of caring-ness, but I know that you WILL go through the tough times victoriously =) not sure what I wan to say also actually but just really want to let you knnow that you can come to me anytime! yup, through emails, msn, facebook(maybe not on the wall)...hahaha...but yea, you get what I mean... smilez... you look so cute in your school uniform =))