Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Many things have happened this year. Change, as we call it. And change is ongoing.
I have something I have to do. I realize it must be done, for the better...
And its not going to be easy, But I guess it has dragged on too long already. Its...time to move on?

Reviewing the past, it was an amazing time. We braved oceans and seas, time and season. But somehow it changed... the wind and the tide changed course, and some leaves fell to the ground. All along ,a heart was changing... but was it for the better?

No one is to be blamed. In fact, I'm glad we both tried. In the end, it wasn't you, but me who gave up. I realized I kinda "lost" myself on the way, I wasn't who I was. I became very tired as well...

But for the past , the moments shared, it is a memory. a sweet one, but the end has approached.
I thought this through, and all I can say is ,this is for the better... I don't want to be unfair to either one of us. Sure, I wish it had a different ending, but time has told otherwise.

You're a amazing person. Writing this with unshod jewels in my eyes, I can proudly say I was once yours...but we'll now go our separate ways. I wish you nothing but the best. And I hope we'll stay good friends.

Adieu, my friend. Let time take its course... And look towards the future. Till then...

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