Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somehow, again. I ended up at the computer. Coret-ing the words that are not spoken from the heart. I do. Writing. Backspacing. Writing. Backspacing.

Backspace again. Somehow the words just wouldn't form properly.

2 slices of bread.Blueberry bun. barely touched dinner. 4.30 am. That kinda summarized the day, I guess.

My eyes are so small today, I wonder I can even see with them. Not that my eyes were big in the first place.

This is like, the dunno what-th post. But its ok. I notice its not just me emo-ing. Many others too are. Be happy k , u guys. u know who u are. The rainbow comes after the rain. Search for the silver lining somewhere.

My notes. Have been there for ages. Just don't seem to move past the page. Maybe coz its biochm , not my fav. But I guess I need to work on it.

11.01am. I don't know what is in today.

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