Sunday, March 8, 2009


On a fine friday, namely February 20 (yes this post is so so outdated I know), a college mate crashed semester 3 lectures. It was none other than...the fantabulicious Xia Xun aka Tyra wannabe! haha

haha. u wanna now what he did during lectures? he was watching american next top model. and camwhoring. ultimate distracion i tell you!

pictures taking with his fine 3.2 mp camera.

Lectures going on.u can see newspapers notes in the seat behind.

G7 college reunion. the kacang panjang 1 and 2 I always got stuck sat between in SAM 2007. Nostalgia!!!

The 2 masters of paper. Sooky and XX. both are equally wacky!

Someone trying to show off. with not much success?

I think this is much better. The highlight is the super messy korean wannabe hairstyle huh ;D

Group pic 1. My eyes so small kenot see! :O

From left: Sooky, Siao Chen (Sook correct me pls), XX, me and ChongSen. Glory Taylor's UC! :D

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