Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something I wanted to post up last night...


Dearest Auntie Jo!!!
Youve been a gem of a 'senior' ..and an awesome friend.. you spoke listened loved and cared for us..and it hurts to see you down..well it may suck when things dont turn out the the way we wished it would have . Well take this as an experience that youve gained and can grow from.Those memories that you have and moments that youve shared are priceless.Youve gotta be the brave makcik that you seem to be.. :) Come on.. we need the ever drunk like high, caring , super hyper , jovial , random , fun , Auntie JO BACKKK!!! Well its too soon to put on a happy smiley maybe but i hope that you know that we're here for you always and you cant count on us to turn that frown into a smile.. It may hardly be a month that you've known us , but I feel like Ive known you my life.. Youre just so warm and approachable.. and together as a group i feel like we're literally a family! Well dearie.. soon you ll move on and this should not stop ourselves from experiencing similar experiences. Please let go of this hurt ait n don't punish urself for your actions by thinkin over it.. We're all in this game called life TOGETHER.Im really glad you could fall back on us and shared your feelings with us.. :) Just so you know.. The Sexiest will stick through thick or thin and we've got your back no matter what ait.. YOU ROCK JO!!!!!.. You're the best!

If you fall, stumble down
We'll pick you up off the ground
If you lose faith in you
We'll give you strength to pull through
Tell us you won't give up cause We'll be waiting if you fall
Oh you know We'll be there for you
!!!!!!!! ta tang tang ta tang tang tang tang ( guitar plays )...

We're here for you.. now.. and always.. Sexiest Honour!!!!..
Love Ya Dear
Ruby & The Sexiest
You're special just because you're you


well frankly I don't fancy the "aunty" OR makcik part...I'm as young as all of you...

Love you guys too! thanks for always being there for me! whether its big or small :)

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