Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sitting in front of the laptop (not mine), I' feeling really lonely at the moment. Listening to songs, feeling like crying. Its like, something I hold back, at least as much as I can.

I think there needs to be mutual understanding and tolerance toward people in our matter how close we are , or how far. Humans will never be perfect... we only strive to be. Everyone has different priorities, there is a need to respect another's priorities as well. What we see may be different from another's point of view.

I'm kinda glad I'm not in semester one at the moment. Well, first of all, the biggest challenge , EOS 2 hurdle has passed. Successfully? Well, I passed. All by His grace honestly. Anyway, was at the fitness / wellness module training. and I realised it was a serious thing. 1stly, its the IMU president's brainchild. The main goal is health promotion - by prevention. Therefore a series of "fitness tests" are to be done from semester 1...right to semester 5 (for pms students) and to semester 9 (for local seremban student). and here's the thing - if one doesn't pass the fitness "test", the person CANNOT sit for EOS 5. freaky ok! its like pjk (physical activities/sports) from high school all over again... ... ...

Haha, Sexiest truly rocks la. Not only do I agree, many other people (my batchmates) agree too. read Zia who recorded her thanks to the group sexiest. She's amazing! hehe. Sexiest is amazing too! In ISOW (In support of women), the majority of the committee belongs to the sexiest group. Truly "owning"! haha

I miss alot of things. I do :'(

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