Friday, March 27, 2009

I can't believe my less-than-a-year old computer hard disks have crashed! and my data gone...with no backup!!! lols T.T

And there goes all my photos which I wanted to post up. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I dunno what to say la...this week has been a zombie week, with countless shocks and surprises. My goodness.

I'm actually feeling quite...stone at the moment. Last night I happened to check the weighing scale. if i remember correctly, I have lost bout 3 kg's...or at least 1. hmm. not that it shows la :/

Yesterday evening checked out the gym. Pretty small place, but quite cool. Going by the current state, the pigs might be gearing up to fly... (coz joanne never does sports). i may. and repeat, MAY go gym. treadmill. not really crazy bout weights and all. hahaha. sweat. Rakib! keep me updated dude!

Thanks Vyna for the apple and banana pies. Ate it after class. Haha, first time i saw burnt pies from MacD's. Apple pies rock! but if I were there I'll change it , but I ate it anyway. Thanks Vyna! I owe u rm3.15 :P Thanks for reading tru my super-duper emo posts and caring for me. For everything dearie. Hugs :)

This week has been tie week. I nicked weihoong's tie on tues and wore it on wed. Everytime someone asked me bout it, I told them its a junior's tie. Returned it to him to wed evening. Yesterday I wore (my dad's) red tie. Guess what? Not only did they compliment it,they asked me which junior did I nick my tie from this time. LOL! hahaha. And I tied the tie myelf (and retied it since I was so particular...) Ruby lets go tie buying! :D

Actually quite touched that you would just suffocate yourself with wasabi just to make me smile. lols you din have to do that. I mean, if you couldn't take it, you could have just refused...But a big thank you. Seriously. tho that place is deja vu, but being with you guys make a difference. Its fun in a way...takes my mind off things.

Haemato...blood...i dun like :( honeslty, i doubt many semester 3's are actually in the "mood" to study, i mean, we just finished summatives 2 fridays ago. no break whatsover, we started on monday the next week. I find it hard to just sit in lecture... A friend commented that he actually slept in lectures twice this week. :/ ahhh...the joys and pains of medical school. Same untouched notes for so so long. sighs.

Realised that I can't be left alone for long. At least not for now. was "studying"...and the memories just flooded my brain. Couldn't hold it in....And it was in the library. opposite me, some pple I know (but thank God not so close to) saw. embarrasingnya.

PBL in an hour. Havn't touched yet. Lets hope he makes it short. Pretty please with a cherry on the top. :O

I'm nearly fine. Just a few more days, I guess. Its actually been better than I thought, the way I took it. Anyway, sexiest really really went out of their way for me. and for that, I'm truly grateful. Really. You guys rawk to the max wei. :) :D I still want to go bowling...arrange one where sooky and I can go! our lectures till 3.45 everyday!

I think. ( I think) the emo posts should be nearly done. Time to face today with a different attitude, a different spirit. I'm waiting for the rainbow after the rain, the silver lining under the dark clouds.

I'm learning that I do matter to people around me, learning that I can soar above the circumstances (like there are any in my "situation" :/ ) . learning to be the sexiest at all times! haha. Sexy not just in terms of physical, but mental and emotional! (I think I'm crapping)


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